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This website is built to UK Government, RNIB, and W3C Standards, and incorporates features to ensure that every visitor can access information.

These guidelines include:

  • Using meaningful ALT text for informational images
  • Using descriptive hyperlink text to warn of link actions
  • Providing a full sitemap to aid navigation
  • Using navigational short cuts for users of text only browsers
  • Using an easy to read font type and colour
  • Allowing user control of text sizes
  • Avoiding the use of frames

The main navigation options have been assigned keyboard access keys for users who don't use pointing devices (such as mice). These keys are:

  • 1. Homepage
  • 2. About
  • 3. Group Parties
  • 4. Courses & Classes
  • 5. Pinup Shoots
  • 6. News & Extras
  • 7. Contact
  • 8. Sitemap
  • 9. Accessibility (this page)